Friday, October 4, 2013


So I've become a freshman recently (ewwwwww) and since then, this blog has slowly decined into nothing. I've kind of hated it for a long time. I think that this will preobably be last time I post on it ever. You see. I have this thing with notebooks and diaries. I'll write in one alot and then like a chapter of my life will end half way through the book and I wont be able to write in it anymore becuase I feel like it just brings up bad ick. I think thats whats happened with my blog. I've been really uninspired recently so I felt like I should just say good bye or whatever before disappearing off the face of the blogsphere.
It wasnt like this blog was a hit or anything.
Alright. Till next time I guess.
I may consider making another blog eventually.

Thursday, September 5, 2013


Hullo!!! heh. I guess I haven't been paying very close attention to my blog goals I made. Whoopsies.
I mean there are so many more IMPORTANT things to do.... (Like watch an entire season of Orange is the New Black, or stare at a wall for 9 minutes, or decide that youre entire room needs to be reorganized and then stop halfway....)
But here is another outfit post....

Okay so this outfit doesnt really seem to exciting (and its not really...) but I think the only cool thing about it is that I dyed it myself! So the dress was originally white and on clearence at h&m... I brought it with me to camp and took a tie dying class and this came out! I was pretty proud of myself actually. I mean considering pretty much everyone in the class folded there tee-shirt all neat and pretty and follwed instructions from a book and I just tied a whole bunch of knots to the point where it looked like an octopus and it actually came out nicley.

As for my sunglasses, I purchased them on St. Marks street for $5.... they are pink and heart shaped:

I'm only kind of obseesed with them....

Well thats all for today I guess!!!
credz to Ella for the pictures!

Also. I saw and met Mac Demarco....
I almost pooped my pants.

Both Danni and I look absolutley disgusting but what ever. It was cool.

Friday, August 16, 2013

lellow and purpoh

Hiya!!! So I've been in middle of noho massachuchu for like forever. The other day my lovley dear friend Ella came up to visit me and we took a large amount of photos for this blog right here!!! So over the next few weeks/days/years
there will be a lot of outfit posts with similar backgrounds and similar hair colors, and similar pimples, and similar everything because they were all taken on the same day because I'm a looser and needed to do like 7 outfits because I'm too much of a lazy bum to use a tripod and I need my friends to do everything for me. Yay.

So this is the first of many.

So this dress was a gift from my momma. It was hers way back when and she recently gave me a whole bunch a clothes and this was included! I'm also wearing purple fishnet tights. I dont know. I guess my favourite thing about this outfit is the yellow and the purple togethher. I like these two complementry colors together a lot for some reason. And I, of course, am wering my most favouritest pink converse.

That will be all folks. Thanks for reading! <3 <3
P.S. I found a few collections that I absolutley adore so I will hopefully do a post about them.
P.P.S. The reason I told al yall is so that I actually feel inclined to do it some day.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

dem goalz

Hullo!!! Ugh. So I'm sorry this blog has sort of turned to shit, (heh. mom. i mean poop. lawl.) I have a lot of things I really would like to do with this blog but I just havent been able to find the time. I mean, I was at camp sleepaway for two weeks (WHICH WAS ABSOLUTLEY THE BEST TWO WEEKS OF MY LIFE. LOVE YOU ALL.), and then I went to a day cmp for another week, and now I'm in the middle of noho massachuchu on vacation with the fam. Ugh. And then school is going to start and then I will be doing homework 24/7 because someone somewhere thought it would be a great idea to have a freshman take 11th grade algebra 2/trig and I wont even have time for a social life let alone a dumb blog that no one even reads anyways. Ugh.

Alright. For the very small number who does read my blog I do have some things that I really want to do. So I'm making a goal list so that hopefully I can get some chiznit done. (I'm trying to make SMART goals which is some thing we learned about in like second grade or something. Each of the letters stand for something but I dont really remember. I just know that they need to be realistic and achievable) (Its highly unlikeley that these goals will be either of those.):

♥ One outfit post a week (People seem to really enjoy what I wear on a daily basis so I assume someone somewhere wants to see what I look like)
♥ Make a blog post about camp
♥ Make more runway reviews
♥ More DIY projects. I make stuff all the time but  I'm too freaking lazy to document any of them.
♥ And just more updates on things with me and my friends cuz I think we're pretty silly.

Also, just an overall goal for this year is I really want to get an internship at a fashion or beauty company. I mean, I'm pretty sure I cn do it. My step mom works for a pretty big makeup company and my mom was a designer. I dont know. I thik it would just be a really great expierience foe me. So I guess if someone sees this blog and thinks "Hey maybe she can work for us!" I'd like it to be some what more presentable. Humph.

I guess of just been feeling a little dull and overall uninspired. I havent really wanted to do anything except for put on my headphones, drown out the universe, and stare at walls.
I have nothing else to say.
Bye now.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

summer blooz

Ah. So it's officially summer vacation. Can you smell the ruthless teenagers and popsicles yet?
My entire school year pretty much consisted of suck. I had spent 9 years at a school that I didnt really want to be at and I'm pretty sure they didnt really want me there either. Yeah, I did meet my best friend on the planet (danni), and a whole bunch of other people who I honestly adore but everything else pretty much tore my brain to pieces. It sort of got to a point where actually showing up to school was a horribly painful task.
But thats all over now!!! In september I'll be starting over at a new school. An arts school in fact.
I had to like audtion for it and everthing and they thought I was good enough so now i get to have 2 hours of free art class AT SCHOOL EVERY FREAKING DAY. It's pretty much like a dream. I didnt think it was possible but I guess it is. woooooo.

So my summer has been pretty great so far. Um. My friend, Miles, came to visit me from Chicago (we met at this summer camp like 2 years ago). He satyed for almost a week and that was pretty much fantastic. And once he left I left to the beach with my momma and my step dad and we've pretty much become beach bums and all we do with our lives is swim, apply sun screen, and get sun burned.
i must say I'm enjoying myself!
In a week I'll be leaving to summer camp with Danni and we decided that we'd go like camp stuffs shopping together and make a haul video for our blogs. So that will be up by tomorrow or sometime.

I dont know. I just wanted to make a little update to prove I'm still alive.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


So we had our book launch yesterday (if you dont know what im talking about read the previous post which is written in a really large typre face and I honestly dont know how to fix that. whoops.)

here it is!!!
Its pretty much an anthology of 8th graders opinions on human nature... Its suprisingly not terrible.
Now we just need people to buy it!!!
If youre interested in purchasing this INTELLIGENTLY WELL PUT TOGETHER,  INTRIGUING, THOUGHT PROVOKING, WONDROUS anthology go to!!!

Here is the blurb.... I believe it was mostly written by Alicia

"STOP. RIGHT THERE. WAIT, NO. A LITTLE TO THE LEFT. Before you read any further, let this be a warning to you: If you happen to be looking for a beautifully crafted anthology of pieces written by distinguished and well-respected authors, this is not the book for you. If you happen to be looking for an exciting picture book detailing the ripping adventures of a frog and its friends, this is probably not the book for you, either. And if you happen to be looking for a cake recipe, a large snowshoe, bacon-shaped pencils, or rabbit carcasses, you should probably look elsewhere (or see a doctor). But, on the other hand, if you happen to be looking for a collection of stories, poems, essays, and other assorted compositions from a gradeful of teenagers, you need not look any further. This book is for you."

Please check it out! And our teacher is trying to get it some publicity so if you know anyone in the TV/Radio/Journalisim/anything industry who would be interested please email me.
Alright. Thats all folks!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

omg thats so 80s

This memorial day weekend my daddy and my step-mother were supposed to take my sister and me to Disney World. It was supposed to fabulous and over proced and magical and, well, perfect. But unfortunatley mother nature was all like HEEEELLLLLL NAWWWW YOU AINT GOIN NOOO WHERRRREEEEE!!!! And our flight was delayed 3 hours and then cancled all together. This was quite upsetting. So my father decided to repack our bags and ship us all to middle of noho massachuchu... So I've been quite bored and surfing the webanet for useless nonsense and decided blogging would be a better use of my time.

Soooooo.... For some reason i dressed very 80's today and was all like DAMN GURL YA LOOK TOLLERABLE! And I had my step mommy take a photo for me to share with the interent.
Basically I was inspired Madonna/Cyndi Lauper/every 80's chick ever.


The top is actually a leptard that i bought a thrift store for $6 um the shorts
were also from a thrift store for $7. Uh. The suspenders were from another thrift store and
the shoes were a dollar from a tag sale. I made the bow. omgomgomgomg so diyyyyyyy.
 I also made the necklace sorta.
I apologize for the disgusting lighting.
A close up of the shozies. I think they were origianlly from payless....
Unfourtunatley they are a kids 4 and i usually wear a kids three or
three and a half, but with socks it works.

A close up of my necklace. I jsut attached it to some random chain.
My step mom found the tucan at some tag sale.

 So thats all I have for you guys!!!
shout out to temma for liking my blog a lot.